High Brightness LED driver IC

Description HY7700

HY7700 is a PWM high-efficiency LED driver controller IC.

It allows efficient operation of High Brightness HB LED(s) from voltage

sources ranging from 9VDC up to 450VDC. HY7700 controls an external

MOSFET at variable switching frequency up to 300 kHz.

The constant off-time can be programmed using a single resistor.

The LED string is driven at constant current rather than constant voltage,

thus providing constant light output and enhanced reliability.

The output current can be programmed between a few milliamps

and up to more than 1.0A


  • >90% efficiency.

  • 9V to 450V input Range.

  • Constant Current LED driver.

  • More than 1.0A output applications.

  • PWM Low-Frequency Dimming via Enable pin.

  • Input Voltage Surge ratings up to 450V.


  • DC/DC LED Driver Application.

  • RGB backlighting LED driver.

  • Back lighting of flat panel displays.

  • LED Lighting Application

  • Automotive LED Lighting Application.
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