1.5A Power LED Driver IC

HY3015 is a PWM power LED driver IC.

The driving current is from few milliamps up

to 1.5A. It allows high brightness power LED

operating at high efficiency from 5Vdc to

40Vdc. Up to 180 KHz external controlled

operation frequency. External current sense

resistor controlled the maximum output

current to LED(s).


  • Only 5 external components required.

  • Operation from 5V to 40V. Low standby current.

  • Output switching current to 1.5A.

  • Operation Frequency up to 180 kHz.

  • TO-252 5-pin power package.


  • DC/DC LED Driver Application.

  • Automotive LED Lighting Application.

  • Decorative Lighting.

  • MR16.
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